Step by step instruction for installing Maple 11 64bit

1. Go to the installation directory
   Within machines in Math-lab:
   cd /opt/software/maple_32+64-bit_11.0_en 
   On machines in Math:
   cd /opt/software/install/maple_32+64-bit_11.0_en

2. Mount local installation directory
   sudo mount -o loop -t iso9660 maple_32+64-bit_11.0_en-cd1.iso /mnt
   cd /mnt

3. When being asked, enter the following values:
   Installation Folder: /usr/local/maple11
   select 2- Network License
   License server (DEFAULT: ): 

4. When the installation is finished, create shortcuts into /usr/bin
   sudo ln -s  /usr/local/maple11/bin/xmaple /usr/bin/xmaple
   sudo ln -s  /usr/local/maple11/bin/maple /usr/bin/maple

5. Cleanup
   sudo umount /mnt

6. Start maple as normal user with