Step by step instruction for installing Matlab simulink_14_mit_sp3_en-linux on local computers

1. Download the large archive file from jones to your home directory:

   mkdir /usr/local/matlab-install
2. Unpack the archive:

   tar -xvvzf matlab_-_simulink_14_mit_sp3_en-linux.tgz
   The three directories matlab_-_simulink_14_mit_sp3_en-linux-cd{1,2,3} are created.
3. Log in as root

4. Create a new directory to install Matlab in (for example /usr/local/matlab)
   This will be your Matlab root directory.
5. Open the page

   in your web browser. The license key that is written there will be needed afterwards.
6. Change to directory CD1 and execute install:

   cd /usr/local/matlab
   You will need to locate the Matlab root directory (created in 4). A template license
   file will be created. Erase its content and copy & paste the license key from the web site
   visited in 5.
   Now you can select your operating system and which program components to install.
   Remove FlexLM from this list!
   In the following dialog box, select "Create symbolic link ...".
   Matlab and its documentation will be installed.
8. The installation process asks you for cd 2 and 3, enter the pathname by
   changing the number of the cd.   
9. Remove old Matlab directory.
   Remove /usr/local/matlab-install

10. Log in with your username and try to run Matlab.